Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mayo Clinic Campus - Mayo/Charlton/Eisenberg Buildings Art

The Gonda Building from the previous post was built not just next to but adjoining the existing Mayo Clinic Building. Many floors of the two buildings are open to each other, making a seamless transition as you walk the corridors. On the street level, walking from Gonda into the Mayo Clinic side leads you past a museum of sorts, history of the clinic with a few artifacts. At the very end is this large and impressive tapestry by Zophia Butrymowicz of Poland.

The closeup shows the texture and detail - from a distance I wasn't sure what medium this was. But it sure was my colors so I moved in for that closer look.

A nearby wall is of marble that in and of itself is a work of art. This is just a small portion of it.

The Gonda is linked via skywalk and subway to the Charlton/Eisenberg building across the street. The Charlton is where Judi sees her physician and where the labs are for blood draws and infusions.

Doesn't sound like a very inviting place to go but again, the subway opens to an atrium with this wall fountain.  On street level there's a round pool/fountain that empties into a trough that then feeds the water to cascade down the face of this wall. The dark areas are where the water is running over the marble.

Another view, and sharp eyes will see a sign indicating the Eisenberg building. Just like over at the Gonda, two buildings have been merged with corridors between the two.  The Eisenberg houses Rochester Methodist Hospital where the transplant unit is.

Again, there is art, even in the hospital section. I was generally only going to the 9th floor to visit Judi the several times she's been admitted there, but one day the elevator door opened at the 3rd floor to reveal these tiles. They each are about 12 inches square, a design I was immediately drawn to.

While there wasn't a lot to see in the actual hospital units, the views out the windows caught my attention. All those angles and reflections - surely I can do something with that?


Sherrie Spangler said...

I'm just amazed at the art and architecture you've been showing from Mayo. Certainly is better for the spirit than just clinical settings.

Cathie said...

Beauty everywhere - inside and out.