Friday, January 18, 2013

It's the Eye Again

We've had some gloriously sunny days lately which the "cursed" eye has delighted in. It spotted the way the sunlight angled through the trees behind my townhouse, saying "here's a solution to that tissue paper sunprint that's been bugging you for so long." Most of the time I notice a tree trunk lit up by the sun and only a thin sliver along one side in shadow. This day, the bulk of the trunk was in shadow and the sunny part a small accent. I couldn't believe how it gave me ideas of how to fix this piece of cloth I didn't want to just cut up.

The eye has also been observing the sunsets from the upstairs office. I love this room in the afternoon, so full of light and so often the perfect viewing place for a colorful departure to the day. I've always noticed the sky a particular shade of blue in January, but lately the eye has pointed out that near the horizon, that blue has turned a shade of teal green. Not sure what I'm going to do with that bit of information, only know I have that color in my stash.

Speaking of my stash, I really have been avoiding the inevitable, that all those lovely batiks of mine needed a run through the washer, followed by ironing. Now, I don't mind that part at all. It's more the folding and putting away that slows me down. Anyway, I got to more of it over the weekend and was reminded that there are often silver linings in tasks you wish you didn't have to do. To my surprise, I found myself staring at several fabrics that should make perfect backgrounds for several new ideas I've been stuck on, precisely because I couldn't think what the backgrounds should be. I don't think I would have considered any of these had I just been flipping through the folded stack of batiks. I think it was a combination of seeing these fabrics in their entirety and, through the somewhat monotonous process of pressing, the releasing of the right brain to make the connection. Thank you eye; thank you right brain. I'll try to be more positive about chores like this in the future.

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Sherrie Spangler said...

I'm glad you like your new studio. It's so important to like the light, and the sunset is a real bonus. Nice photos.