Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Reminder List

I've been a little under the weather this week, so although I did resume washing of the smelly fabric over the weekend, I've not done much else since then. Stuff on the computer has been about all I could muster between long stretches on the couch. Rather than feeling bad about that, I realized I was indulging in at least one of the things on my Reminders list. And that made me think I should share the fact that the reminder list has more on it than art-making things. Terry Grant wrote a great post about this "January thing" we tend to do and how so much of it is geared around becoming more efficient. She offers a different model which I so agree with. Truly, we need to get our heads out of the "creating art 24/7" mindset and understand that a well-rounded life that includes things that on the surface sound counter-productive and mere diversions are just the things we need to propel the art part.

Looking for mom & dad in 1940 Census
That for me was part of the point of my list. I need to be reminded that it is ok to, say, knit in the evening rather than applique, or read a novel over lunch rather than a quilting magazine, or as I did the other evening, get totally sucked into the website. Yes, Genealogy research was the third thing on my list (I've dabbled off & on with my dad's side of the family & have wanted to organize the documents and photos I have for years), right after adding gallery pages to the blog (hard to sell on line as I'd like without a place to direct potential customers) and updating my cafepress site (I made no changes nor promoted it in 2012 and still managed some sales in December). Then came involvement in an art group (after two years of talk, another textile artist and I are finally getting the group off the ground this month). Only then did I start jotting down things directly related to making art as well as heeding the call of some traditional quilt projects and oh, yeah, taking time to try fabric bowls and follow up on the handbag and tote ideas stored in a bin. As in the last couple of years, it looks like I really want to address unfinished business in all facets of my life, and not out of guilt, but truly out of a calling, and have some fun too. 

I want to find that sweet spot of balance and harmony that was to be my guiding principle of last year, pulling in my many interests (they did not all get on the reminder list, just the ones I sensed I'd forget) and seeing that no one thing over-monopolizes my days. There should be room for just about everything, even if it is just in small doses. With perseverance as my resolution word, I'm on my way.

My lovely niece could not have said it better in her note that arrived shortly after the new year; she summarized perfectly my hopes for the year. I extend the sentiment to my dear readers as well:

"May 2013 be a year of much art, love, inspiration and travel."

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Amanda said...

Very much a sentiment I've fairly recently come to as well. It's not a race, it's my journey.