Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's on the Design Wall

It is so nice to have my design wall back! The auditioning of the arms for the bubble quilt will be so much easier working with it on the wall where I can step back and get a good look. And remember the mystery quilt? There I was with blocks done and nowhere to lay them out so I could complete the top. Now they are arranged with setting triangles and alternate squares ready to be sewn down off the wall. 

Waffling a bit on what I will tackle this week. It is very tempting to go ahead and sew the mystery quilt together - it's not a very large quilt and would pin up and quilt quickly, giving me an easy sense of accomplishment. It is also tempting to start the quilting on the half-square triangle quilt as it is now all basted and ready to go. But the bubble quilt is not all that far from completion either, is needed for the exhibit in July and is holding up progressing to the other bubble and circle ideas building up a head of steam. Yeah, I think maybe I need to concentrate on that this week.

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Connie Rose said...

I adore the piece on the right.