Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Next" Next Up

Had a thought. Not quite the right background, though, for those triangle cutoffs I think. (Digital camera is showing them brighter than they are showing up in real life - have tried to tone them down to more what I am seeing.) But it shows that while ironing away these last few days, the brain still searches for solutions to things I'm not even working on, although this is one idea lined up in the relatively immediate queue. And that there's always more than one thing up on that design wall.

Ideas have suddenly started flowing these last few weeks, not for new quilts but solutions to make existing ideas move forward, connections to make a vision work, triggers to clear the fog of what to do with a certain fabric. It's difficult not to flit from one to another and another, but I think I would lose myself if I let that happen. Am tucking away a few of them for later - they can wait - and letting a few up on the design wall for subconscious ponderings while focusing my main energies, i.e. actually doing the work, on the next one up. Time to go work on those hands.  


Connie Rose said...

I love this!

Sherrie Spangler said...


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well I guess they could be but I am seeing mountains not unlike what I saw in the Badlands. However you know how art is. You see what connects with you which may be different from the artist's intent.