Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ready to Quilt

My internet service was down most of Thursday, at which point I realized just how addicted I've become to the always-on, quick loading portal to the world. Almost twitchy, I was, as I worked on the final arrangement of triangles on this piece. Made me realize a bad habit I've gotten into - that of bolting from the studio when the decision-making gets tough or murky to either elicit opinions on the blog or facebook, or check mail, or browse aimlessly. All avoidance behavior, all to avoid making those what seem like make or break choices that can't be undone, all to avoid moving to the next make or break moment.

So every time I felt unsure, I instinctively thought to get on the computer for a bit, only to remember it wasn't available. Forced me to stay put and get on with it! By the end of the day, not only were the triangles arranged and fused down (for better or for worse) but there was time to find backing and batting, layer with spray baste and thread baste around the edges. The thread auditioning has begun as well as the second guessing about just how to quilt it. Always whispering in the back of my head is the admonition: now don't ruin it with the quilting! I think my internet needs to go down again...


Connie Rose said...

I'm really loving this piece. It's bigger than I imagined. I think you've done a bang-up job so far. As for "avoidance," I often do the same thing with the internet. But I feel that my mind if working in the background, making those decisions for me so that when I get back to the project at hand, I can proceed. A different way of framing the situation. Have a great weekend. xo

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila, your quilt is becoming very beautiful! Congratulations!
I understand perfectly what is to be without Internet: sometimes the connection is intable here at home and I keep without any connection (even without telephone) at the library I work at least one year after it were open! I think sometimes it is for the better because indeed Internet can be addicting.
And thanks for leaving a comment in my Little cow post. Truthfully here in Guarulhos city we have great street artists and I have followed the Little cows around the city for two years now.
Have a great weekend!


Sherrie Spangler said...

Isn't it amazing what we can get done when the Internet is down? And I, too, am always afraid I'll ruin it with the quilting. But your piece looks pretty good right now.

Mary Stori said...

Soooooo true......and I'm doing that right now as I continue to struggle with an ornery piece!!