Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giving Linocutting Another Go

You no doubt recall how disappointed I was in the hands-on linocutting class I took earlier this year. Felt I should have saved my money and taken the on-line course from Dijanne Cevaal. After reading Dijanne's course description and what each session would cover, I made up my mind that when she offered it again, I'd sign up. And I have. Anyone care to join me?

From Dijanne's Facebook page:
Updates; On-line linocutting class will start 22 Septemeber- there is still time to enroll- there are lots of exercises to hone your skills on fabric or paper. You will make more than a cute stamp... you will create linocuts from photos, combine different linocuts to make interesting fabric and collages. Cost is $60AUS- and there are four lessons delivered in fortnightly installments with a number of exercises in each lesson. If interested, e-mail me at
Sample of Dijanne's linocuts in my collection


Wil said...

I took the class some 2? years ago and it really is a good one.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the endorsement - I've heard nothing but good about it.