Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ready for Class

I've been out of town, an extended weekend trip to see my goddaughter get married and then visit friends further down the line. My lino class with Dijanne Cevaal kicked off while I was away, but that is the beauty of an on-line class - you can go at your own pace and schedule. I didn't want to order my supplies too early and have them arrive while gone, languishing on the front stoop, but was a little dismayed at the anticipated delivery date when I did place the order - well into next week. Fortunately, the delivery service was quicker than that, my class supplies arriving from Dick Blick today! My first class pdf arrived via e-mail before I got home and so I am all set to dive in. I've skimmed the first lesson and already have been provided more information and instructions than I got in the entire 5 session hands-on class I took earlier in the year here in town. I like what I see and am excited to get to work.

And here is the obligatory picture of me with the bride and groom...



The Inside Stori said...

Good to hear you've ben out and about....connecting with family is always good and necessary too. Love the photo....a very relaxed bride and groom...shoeless!!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for your post.
I hope you can enjoy your online classes, how good your supplies have already arrived.
And your picture with the happy married couple is lovely.
Great weekend!!

Michele Matucheski said...

Oh Goodie Goodie! It's just like Christmas with a box from Dick Blick! When I was in Chicago a few years ago, I had to make a pilgrimage to the brick & mortar Dick Blick store. I wasn't disappointed!