Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mail Bag & More Thread Magic

Look what the mail has brought me this week - a large envelop from June stuffed with silk scraps, some commercial, some her own handy work. I'm a sucker for silk, and this little collection makes a nice addition to my silk stash. What will I make from it?

Constance Rose Artist Postcard

And this art postcard arrived as well from Connie, who is way more motivated than I am right now to be pushing her work forward with experiments in paint on paper. What a nice surprise to see it amongst the Christmas catalogs and bills. I am so blessed to have found these friends through the internet.

It's been a long time since I've had a day job, longer still since I was in school, so it always amuses me that I still have that "vacation" mindset, as in, we are celebrating Thanksgiving here in America which for many is a 4 day weekend, and I had pegged these 4 days to really hunker down and work on my commission postcards. Um, well, it's not like I had to wait for this block of time in order to be free to do it. But I can't break that habit, and just use it to my advantage. I'm on vacation and can get some work done! Sheesh. Anyway, I'm on the home stretch, doing the worst than mindless satin stitching of the edges from which I had to take a break. Again, I had to marvel at the magic that happens when different colors of thread are used in the quilting. The one in the above photo is partially quilted with the King Tut thread variegating from yellow to orange to green.

I didn't think this particular batik worked as well as the one above so these are not part of the commission. I don't know how well you can tell from the picture, but the one on the left is quilted with a yellow variegated thread while the one on the right is the yellow/orange/green one again. One glows, one shades to green. I love it. 

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The Inside Stori said...

LOL.....vacation and hunkering down.....why do we feel that way?!? Too funny