Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Fiesta Bonita

I've been puttering mostly - straightening up the studio, continuing the washing, ironing and "filing" of my late friend's gifted stash (I'm down to the last bag!), and taking the next steps on Upward Tick. I've trimmed down the circles since I've ditched the idea of hand appliqueing them on, tweaked the arrangement, checked to make sure I like how it looks under that blue tulle and will probably start the final stitching tomorrow. In the meantime, I took an hour for another sketch of a business along my walking route, although I actually drove to a spot where I could park and sketch while sitting in the car. I struggle enough as it is, and while I can do it, sketching while standing can take some of the fun out of it. Plus it was spitting rain that day and I didn't want to wait for the weather to clear. I went back to pencil, a softer one than I was using before, and this session went pretty well, although there are still some off angles. It was a great exercise though. The colored pencil was added once I got home. And yes, that really is the backdrop to the restaurant, at least from this angle. The white at the top right is the snow that still clings to Schweitzer Mountain, although the ski resort is now closed for the season.


Christine Staver said...

I am REALLY LOVING your sketches. I can feel you getting into doing them which is wonderful. And again I am reminded of your post about sketching instead of taking photos. I don't know if that is always possible on a vacation, but I will certainly take photos with a better eye for composition. I did do that little in Paris thinking about what I might be able to turn into a quilt. I am definitely going to do a lot more sketching. My class and you have gotten me excited about doing that.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Chris. I know in my own experience, being able to take so many photos with the advent of the digital camera has helped improve my eye for composition - at least when I'm taking photos. When I sit down to sketch, all the anticipation and "can't wait" dissolves into a bit of panic and confusion, I'm realizing now because there is no frame to move around that would block out what's not to be included. Then I move into a bit of impatience - so much detail! Where to start? After the first few lines, I can feel myself settling in, slowing down, and noting in particular relationships, like the fact that all the lower edges of the awnings line up. I don't know why I find that so fascinating, but I do.

And you want to talk about really looking - I know darn well that mountain looms up as backdrop to all along this street. Yet when I'd finished sketching the building and took the broader view to see how it looked compared to the real thing, I was nearly stunned to see it. I had thought the building would fill up most of the page, but since it didn't, how perfect to put it in context by adding the mountain, so familiar that I hardly really see it most days.

But you are right - I think it would be the rare case that one would have time to do much sketching of sites while vacationing. Maybe a quick sketch and a photo to use for reference to complete it once resting back at the hotel or upon returning home. A friend of mine did that on her trip to Italy last year.

I'm so glad I've been partially instrumental in your renewed excitement about sketching. I can see how it is effecting the quality of the quilts you are making for your class. I'm hoping to see the same sort of influence in my own designing.

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for posting!
Beautiful sketch, it is good to know that it is a restaurant. I liked the green windows, I guess that the building is very beautiful and cozy inside.
Where you live is a montainside region?
Ah, do you remember the yellow bloomed tree? I tried to smell one bloom, unfortunately it doesn't smell.
Thanks again!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Hi, Lucia. Yes, I live in a very mountainous region. I've lived in other parts of the country that are flat or just have low hills and I missed the big mountains a lot. That's why I moved back to Northern Idaho near where I grew up. The mountains, lakes and streams feed my soul.

As for my sketch - thanks. I like the green accents too. I've not been inside yet, although I want to try their food. I hear it is very authentic Mexican food and they try to buy ingredients locally if they can.

I DO remember that tree. Too bad that the blooms have no scent, but I find that true of many trees. Still - a beautiful tree when in bloom.

Have a great weekend!