Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This is not art...

Former Sandpoint, ID Post Office
So there I was, sitting on the curbing, sketching the building across from my doctor's office, when I hear a man say, "Sorry, this is an art-free zone." I look up at the passing pedestrian and with a smirk, assure him, "Trust me, this isn't art." His chuckle confirmed this was just another good-natured exchange that so often goes on between strangers in this little town.

This is the entrance to what was originally a federal building housing the post office, Forest Service and other government offices. It opened in 1928 and is one of two buildings in town of the Spanish Colonial Revival style - something not commonly found in northern Idaho. Done in pencil, I tried to sketch fairly quickly, not get bogged down in too much detail. But as so often happens, the closer I looked, the more surprises I found in those details, which I then had to include - some of it a bit wonkily. And despite my best intentions, a little color got added once home.

There's more to this building I'd like to sketch (including gargoyles!) so I'll be returning. 


Living to work - working to live said...

So brave of you to sketch outside. I'm not that confident yet.

Lucia Sasaki said...


Yes, I think you should come back and sketch them!
The building itself is beautiful and you depicted it very well.
Imagine, with my incipient sketching skills I wouldn't sketch buildings, inside or outside.
Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

Chris said...

I find it hard to create in front of other people. That's why taking in person classes is so difficult for me. I even find it hard to be creative when my husband is home. I guess I better get over that soon because I will see a lot more of him once we retire.

Another nice sketch even if it was an art free zone.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm not sure about brave. You would have laughed to see me standing there trying to figure out if I could maneuver my car into place so I could sketch from there! But no - not possible, so I just had to suck it up and put on my blinders - which naturally secure into place once I get engrossed in my subject. Besides, this is not a heavily trafficked block - maybe three people total walked by and only a few cars passed. Well, possibly more - within a few minutes, I wasn't paying attention anymore! ;-)

Thanks everyone - Lucia, I'll be back for those gargoyles!