Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Yes, I finished stitching down the binding, flipped over the quilt and hit "It's awesome" on the creative process scale! That light blue binding was just what this needed.

And here is why this quilt needed to be awesome; it's going to an awesome little baby. My godson and his wife did not think they could have children do to an inherited medical condition, but as you may know, some babies just refuse not to be born. This is Rohan Kai presented to me on the quilt I made in 2002 and eventually gave to his parents as a wedding gift. I had mixed emotions about seeing a baby on that quilt. Yes, I did tell them it was to be used and was washable, but when I figured out that it was THAT quilt in the picture, my reaction was, "Get that baby off that quilt before he does something on it!" Well, it IS an award-winning quilt. ;-) It made the rounds of a few quilt shows before I found out the godson was to be married in 2005. Not an original design, but out of More Vertical Quilts With Style, it was originally made for a contest promoting the fabric line "From the Mills" (hence the name). It got nowhere in that contest, but then won honorable mention in the Heritage Quilters show in Sun Prairie, WI, and was juried into the 2004 AQS Exposition in Nashville, Tennessee, where to by absolute surprise it won 1st place in its category. I just love this quilt and was so pleased to pass it along to my very special godson.

Me with Mill Stars - Sun Prairie Quilt Show 2002

So now maybe you understand why I got so wound up over Rohan's baby quilt - it has a lot to live up to!


The Inside Stori said...

I see 3 awesome's here....well 4 if you'd allow me to count YOU....

Michele Matucheski said...

That turned out great! And you're right, that light blue binding makes it pop! As for the award-winning quilt--Congratulations! It just goes to show that it pays to enter into more than 1 show. And it's washable, silly! LOL! I recently finished a baby quilt for a new member of our family in France. I had the opposite reaction when they told me they wanted to put it on the wall and NOT use it for the baby. Of course, our goals were quite different : To me, the ultimate success of a baby quilt is if it becomes a Linus-type security blanket--a constant companion to the little tyke. I had one of those when I was little and remember it fondly, until Aunt Pearl decided to throw it away on me. It was in rags by then, but well used and well-loved. My mom saved a scrap of the satin binding for me--which I still have here somewhere ... You are making memories, Sheila!