Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Occupational Hazard - Leftovers

Ok, I lied. There was one more side project to tend to before starting the next baby quilt. I had a few leftover strips from the last fabric coil basket lying on the work table and it would definitely be a good thing to use them up so I can clear just a bit more of the worktable. Besides, I needed a quick gift.

As near as I can tell, this variation on the baskets does not show up in either of my books on the subject and I can't imagine why not. Essentially, it is a plate with a bit of a lip on it - the first few rounds of transition one makes when starting up the sides of a full-fledged basket. It's a handy place to toss keys, empty out one's pockets, a catch-all for miscellany. It's quick to make and perfect for using up the inevitable extra clothesline and strips. I just love the one I made for myself from the leftovers of my first basket.

It's about 6" wide across the bottom and rises up about an inch or so. It should look good sitting next to its cousin. 


Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for sharing it!
I loved the pink tone.
I think it is very cheerful.
Thanks again!

Michele Matucheski said...

Looks like it might be a perfect place to keep a smart phone and other sundries ... I know I have a roll of clothesline here somewhere!