Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Things To Play With

As if I didn't already have enough untouched non-textile related art supplies lying around, this is what arrived this week. I blame it on my inability to pass up a good deal and my ceaseless curiosity. The Atelier Interactive acrylic package is a free sample I was alerted to via an e-letter I subscribe to. Once I watched the video, remembering the issues I've had with paint drying before I could apply special techniques, I was intrigued. No, I don't work with acrylics much, but hey - free is free, and what I received was two generous tubes of paint (titanium white and pthalo blue?) and the activating Unlocking Formula. Yes, I had a moment of guilt about signing up for the free sample because I'm not a "real" acrylic paint artist who would buy more if I liked it, but I got over it as my mind wandered to how I would try it out in my mixed media experiments. Besides, it was a "for a limited time" offer based on availability of supply so there was every chance I'd miss out.  It had been quite awhile since I signed up, so had about given up on having gotten in on the great deal. Must admit to a bit of whoop when I pulled the package out of the mail box.

The ArtGraf water-soluble graphite blocks I blame on Cheap Joe's and their e-mail alert to a special deal. Well, I guess I can't blame them totally, as I've been playing a bit with water-soluble graphite pencils with the art journaling exercises. But I was totally unaware of these earth-tone varieties which suddenly seemed the answer to my feeling limited with only black to grey work. Again, demo videos (including this one & this one) plus some artist reviews clinched the deal, even as I repeated "you do not need these you do not need these they won't work on fabric." Oh - but it was a substantial markdown...and they are EARTH-TONES! Yes, I am a sucker for earth-tone anything. Into the on-line cart they went. And now that I've had time to ponder while awaiting their arrival, I've come up with an idea to try on fabric.

As long as I was ordering from Cheap Joe's, I remembered that I'd seen this YES! paste in their catalog. It is one recommended in one of my bookbinding instruction books but I'd been having a hard time tracking it down. Besides, I had other suggested adhesives on hand so no big deal, right? Well, frankly, I've been pretty frustrated with my glues and gels, and quite irked when they promise wrinkle-free adhesion with even the most delicate papers, but I get wrinkles just the same. So we shall see if this is any better, or if the book is like everyone else - selling me a questionable bill of goods. Have any of you tried this stuff?

As I unpacked my new treasures, I couldn't help thinking about my post not long ago, the one that mentioned following many paths, wandering around, and "the unsettling feelings of not ever being at home where you are" leading to/defining the term confusion. What is it I really want to do with my artistic leanings? Am I just confusing myself by flitting off in different directions rather than narrowing my focus? Is there something I'm running away from, "trying to get somewhere else," or am I hoping all these different experiments will lead me toward the place where I feel at home again for good? I'm betting on that last one, sensing its truth in me and knowing I've been unsettled far too long.


Jeannie said...

I had to laugh when I read this post. You nailed my behavior to a tee. In fact, as I was reading I keep thinking about how much fun this or that would be to try. I am cleaning out my work area and trying to make it more efficient and I am embarrassed by all the "toys" or "tools" I have that I haven't tried yet. Sometimes I think my hummingbird brain when it comes to creating is going to be my undoing. That said, I also subscribe to DMTV, the Kemshall's excellent video program. They experiment, they try new things, and then translate what they have learned to their art. I want to do that too! I just haven't gotten to the making yet. Just know that you are not alone in your approach. :)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh thank you Jeannie! I DO know I am not alone and I DO know that all this experimenting CAN translate, and I DO admire those people like the Kemshalls that prove it. Still, it is nice to hear from a fellow creative soul distracted by this and that "shiny object." The good news for me is that, even though I might not utilize something soon after I get it, I do seem to eventually say - aha! I have just what I need to give that a go - when I get around to it. At the moment, I am particularly thinking about 4 sketchbooks I bought in early 2014. Two are still untouched but one of those is a multi-media one that I think will be utilized soon in trying out these new paints. The other two were luckily on hand when I figured out what I wanted to be sketching this year. Something tells me what I really need is a better way to store everything so that a) I don't forget what I have, and b) my workspace doesn't get so cluttered. Yes, lack of proper storage - we can blame so much of our bad habits on that!

Chris said...

OMG I love the colors of those graphite blocks. Jeannie is never know where the experimentation will lead. And sometimes we just need to play to get our creativity flowing.

The Idaho Beauty said...

These should definitely lead to some fun play, Chris!