Friday, June 19, 2015

Proof of Progress

I finished the last bit on the 5 padfolios from the covers printed out so long ago. After applying closures (sometimes velcro, sometimes magnets, sometimes a tie or elastic), I always treat them with a UV/stain protectant which needs to dry overnight. Then I can take pictures and announce to the world, "I'm done!" Well - I AM done!

You've seen the insides of most of these so will not repeat that here. You've also seen the frog before (see this post) and a similar woodgrain one (see this post). The orange flower one was the first of the group to be completed which you saw on this post. But the moose is new. This pic shows the front and back - the front works nicely but the back, well, it was the position of the moose behinds that I failed to envision on the computer screen that caused me to work up what I think is a better design, and one that allowed a little more stitching on the cover (see this post). Still, I'm guessing there will be those out there thinking the backsides on the backside is a hoot. 

And now - I suppose there aren't many excuses left for getting on with that beading. What? Me intimidated by the next step on Masks? Um...well yes, just a little. 


Maggi said...

I love the one with the moose and the back is fun.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks! I must admit that back doesn't offend me now like it did when I first discovered that would be what it would look like. And like you, my hair stylist (who hunts) thought it pretty fun too.

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila!
I think that the back of the moose is part of the creative/craft process, sometimes some things simply are not as we imagined them. But it is ok, sometimes.
Thanks for sharing!

Wil said...

I just love the moose!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Goodness - that moose is quite the attention hog! Thanks for the thumbs up, Wil and Lucia.