Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wishing You Peace...

Ok, I caved to the holiday prep thing since I last posted, setting aside finishing the last of the padfolios and starting on some cards (yes, the majority of them will be very late). I haven't done any decorating, and would not put up lights outside anyway so the picture above is not of my place, but of my neighbor's. He did such a tasteful job of decorating, as have many people along my street, and I am thankful to each of them for bringing this bit of brightness and joy for me to savor.

Oh - and there's been a fair bit of snow shoveling too. It's one way to earn that calorie-laden eggnog latte I treat myself to this time of year.

Here's the daytime view of the neighbor's abode, to show you the snow that has piled up over the last week or so. We've been getting it in around 4" dumps - sometimes a bit less and not everyday, but many of them.

I love the snow and can't imagine living long someplace that would not have at least a bit of it over the winter. So I don't complain about the shoveling, not when my reward is views like this.

So the padfolios, lined up ready for buttons and cords, can sit tight for a few more days. It's Christmas...may you have a merry one!



Sherrie Spangler said...

It looks like you're living in a winter wonderland. May you have a peaceful Christmas, filled with eggnog lattes!

The Inside Stori said...

It was a joy to see your snow scenes……esp. since they aren’t mine!!
Merry Christmas girlfriend!!

Michele Matucheski said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We finally got some snow this week, too (after Christmas). Happy Holidays to you!