Friday, January 29, 2016

A Few More Padfolios

With Masks complete, I've returned to padfolios. I had a request for the Rich Rust Oak Leaves after it had sold and I thought I might have a bit more of that fabric. But the nature of hand-dyes of this kind means one really can't duplicate an item. So I am doing my best to come close, plus provide the customer with a second choice in a similar but not as red of a rust. I've kept the quilting the same and plan to do the same scalloping of the flap edge. The lining and pockets will be the same on the "close" cover, but isn't right for the other one; its lining will be different.

And as long as I am making two - why not a few more? While searching for more rust, I found a luscious burgundy fabric in my inherited collection from my late friend. Not as highly textured as the fabrics in the first batch but just the right size to cut two covers, and I could not resist. I remembered a leaf cluster I'd picked up and pressed last fall with the idea of using it as a resist for art journaling (laying it on the page and spraying paint over it all to leave a negative image, not caring about getting paint on the leaves). I don't know what kind of tree it came off of, but it spoke to me. I got it out now and found the size workable for the padfolio. Because of the thin stem connecting the leaves, I couldn't make a freezer paper template, but found it easy to trace around it with soapstone (you may need to click on the photo for a larger view to see the markings). The variegated King Tut thread looked to have the burgundy and pink highlights I was seeing in the fabric, and I wanted the look to be subtle.

Front cover of Burgundy Leaves
Design on top of flap continues onto the back

This is another fabric that is causing me fits getting an accurate depiction of its color but this is fairly close, as is the way the thread shows up on it. In_Love!

Of course, now the stash must be dug through again for appropriate linings and pockets. This pic is from round one. The next day, I had additional thoughts and more fabric came out. Today I pretty much finalized the pairings (although still dithering a bit about the pockets on one), cut them to size and am ready to start fusing them into place.
I also cut another cover from the deep purple with blue highlights fabric - actually have quite a bit of that so had left out the buttons and Perle cotton with the idea of making up at least one more right away. But this time there looks to be lots more of the brighter purple showing through. The lining I used on the first one doesn't quite work so I've pulled out the batiks again, finding that the ones rejected for the first one are going to look beautiful on this one. It still needs quilting, and I'm still trying to think of a different way to quilt it other than the diagonal lines, so I've set it aside until I finish these first four that are ready for the final steps. 

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