Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Last of the Nine

Before I could put the finishing touches on this last padfolio of my group of nine, it sold! In fact 5 of the 9 have new homes, and I've been asked to make one similar to the first to sell. Goodness - that's getting the old year wrapped up on a high note and the new year off to a great start.

Part of the reason I wanted to use a cord wrap for the closure is because I did so little quilting on this one, leaving that center section devoid of any design I'd worry about covering up and in need of a little interest.

I'd decided to just thread the decorative yarn through the flap, leaving a loop on top to pull the ends through - I believe it is called a lark's head knot. Uninspired but would get the job done since I had no buttons that would do. My mind was still working on the problem though, doing a mental inventory of larger beads I might have in my bead stash. I was so sure I had nothing suitable that I didn't even look through the little boxes holding that sort of thing. However, as I was finishing up, my randomly roving eyes stopped on a small plastic bag sitting at the end of the table. It had several things in it that I'd set aside for a specific project, all in the rust and brown color family - a decorative pin, some leaf beads, chenille thread, brown Nymo beading thread (which was why the bag was out - needed that color of thread for Masks). I picked it up, wondering about the leaf beads, but instead spotted these beautiful glass beads. I slipped one on the yarn, snugged it up to the lark's head knot and liked what I saw.

 An overhand knot keeps it from slipping down the cord.

I wrapped the cord around, under at the bead and then pulled it back to the right to secure under the cord. I added a few beads to the end, securing them in place with more overhand knots. There are actually two colors of these beads, and only 4 of each. They were a gift from a quilting friend back in Wisconsin who knew how much I loved these colors, but confided she stopped at eight once she noticed how expensive they were! I don't know if I'll ever make that other project, or if I do, if I would use what I squirreled away in that little bag, so I have no qualms about these beautiful and perfect beads ending up on this padfolio instead.



Olga Norris said...

Great start to the new year! I'm not surprised, however, as they do look scrummy.

Lucia Sasaki said...

Happy New Year Sheila!
I knew that your padfolios would meet their happy customers soon!
Beautiful color of this one.
Thanks for sharing it!
I am happy that you started 2016 very productive, unfortunately I cannot say the same as here in Guarulhos we are in Summer, very hot Summer and I become so tired these days!
Thanks again Sheila!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thank you, Olga and Lucia! Olga, I am so often puzzled by what sells and what does not. Too often what I think is a sure fire out the door piece merely gathers dust. So I try to be cautious in my enthusiasm of items like these. I know how much they make my heart sing, but that sort of thing often is a personal preference. So validating to get this response.

Lucia, I so know what you mean about the heat and how it can suck all the energy out of you. Cold on the other hand can invigorate - unless it leads to snuggling under a quilt to read a good book! Yes, this one is among my favorite color schemes. I don't know why I haven't made padfolios in the rusts and oranges more often - was surprised when I looked back at the ones I've made to find that so.

Ali Manning said...

I love your padfolio- I'm not surprised they sold so well. Congratulations!!!