Saturday, September 16, 2017

Another Kindness

All I did was comment positively on a blog post on Vintage Page Designs. I'm always interested in ideas for how to use up bits and pieces, be they fabric or paper or ribbon or whatever, and that is what this post was about. To my surprise, Ali Manning contacted me and offered to send me one of the little notebooks shown in her blog post. And it arrived this week, along with a a notecard of handmade paper, autumn leaves embedded therein.

How generous of Ali, and how inspirational for me to hold these two items in my hand, to study and to enjoy. Thank you Ali. You are not only talented but gracious and generous.


The Inside Stori said...

Tx’s for the link……enjoyed a whole cup of coffee while purusing……also, appreciated hearing about the nice gesture!!! We need positives these days!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Wow Sheila, how this old world is small! I follow her blog!
Beautiful itens, I am sure that you deserve this kindness.
A great week!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ali is one of several bookmakers/bookbinders I follow and her style really appeals to me. Mary, glad you found her site a coffee's worth of diversion! And Lucia, you may be the one who got me onto her. I can't always remember how I find the blogs I read, but I do think this one was brought to my attention by you, so thanks!

And yes, we do indeed need positives and kindnesses these days and as you can see, it is so very simple to brighten someone's day with a bit of thoughtfulness, something I seem to be the recipient of quite a bit lately, and just when I needed it. I do try to remember to pass it on. :-)

Living to work - working to live said...

Thank you for the heads up - I need to go and explore this blog.