Monday, September 04, 2017

While You Wait - Advice From An Artist

So little to share in the way of progress on the fat quarter quilt. As I think I've already mentioned, today's quilting looks identical to yesterday's since I am using this overall repeat pattern. But in my reading, I thought this sidebar to an article I ran across in The Artist Magazine (Dec 2016) about Katherine Chang Liu's workshops might be of interest to you, my readers. She is a painter, but as is so often the case, it does not matter what the medium; advice about creating art often transcends individual mediums, applying to all creative endeavors. I particularly took note of what she had to say about working in a series, since I myself am in the middle of trying to work in one, trying not to get stalled.

And if you are looking for a little inspiration for your own creative endeavor, you might like as much as I do this excerpt of a review of her work that Katherine has posted on her website. It's encouraging to hear the value of slowing down, especially for someone like me who feels other artists speedily producing art all around her while her own pace is almost plodding by comparison.

"In Liu's work what is especially fascinating are the details that lead to reflections of the "unfinished" state of things. 

The West is obsessed with time. How would our perception and goals change if we were to be defined by our pace? You can say that Katherine Chang Liu's work encourages us to pace life, to return to introspection, examine the past, and in general, to slow down."

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