Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Working on a Zentangle wasn't on the list of things I might do today, but before heading off to yoga, I watched a video by the Zentangle people working with something they call a dingsplatZ. It's another way to create a framework, they say, for the tangles you will add on your tile. I was so fascinated with the demos that all else was off the table when I got home from said yoga class. I spent a lovely hour working this up, lovely perhaps partly because it wasn't what I had intended to do with that bit of time, a guilty pleasure, and winging my schedule as it were. The framework or dingsplatZ is just drawing loops in a circle around the page with a single line that joins up, giving you an enclosed space to work within. They mentioned you could think of it as an ink splat too. Lots of "auraing" or echoing around that loopy line, building the framework around where tangles would appear. Placing some tangles outside the framework as well. Shading with pencil and highlights of red, since this was done in my "and then add red" sketchbook. The flourishes in the corners came about to cover up a place where my pen slipped under my template when drawing the outer square. (There are no mistakes in Zentangle, just opportunities.) One example of auraing around the loops put me in mind of the ratoon tangle which this looks somewhat like but is approached in a very different way. This was fun and I have another square drawn where I can try this again with that alternate aura like I see in ratoon.

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