Saturday, February 27, 2021

Organizing Plan

I ran into a bit of a visualizing problem after I got all the background strips for the Kaffe inspired baby quilt cut and started in on my small stash of teal green fabrics. Apparently, just knowing the total number of 5-1/2 by 2-1/2 inch rectangles needed wasn't enough and after cutting up the first fat quarter and counting up how many I got from it, and starting in on some different sizes of scraps, I found myself a bit at sea, confused, needing to step away until I could get a handle on how to work with the design imbedded in long strips since my design wall has too much on it to make room for this quilt. Very different from working with blocks, and in a midnight muse while trying to get to sleep, I hit upon a plan that got me back on track again. It included utilizing this piece of recycled denim padding that had come as packing in an order as an auditioning space.

I also started stacks for each lozenge and partial lozenge, adding additional fabrics until all the teal was cut. Now I could definitely see that I'd need to add some pink fabrics too.

I've never been any good at random placements. I've always needed to have a plan, lay things out, move things around. Now that I have more than enough rectangles cut, there will be some moving around for sure before I am happy with this. I don't have a proper pink that falls between the light and dark ones you see in this photo (the dark pink is reading more strongly in the photo than in real life but it is still darker in value and standing out more than anything else so not sure if it will be able to stay). I'm thinking that when I am happy with each lozenge's arrangement, I will experiment with sewing it together, first the pieces in each strip and then the strips together leaving the beginning and end unsewn so the rest of each strip can be added above and below. Did that make sense?


Anonymous said...

Those colors look great together! I, too, have difficulty with arranging random fabrics. One method I use is to take a photo with my phone, then edit the color with the 'noir' setting. You can see color values immediately & rearrange accordingly. It will probably take several photos/edits, but I do have some success with this method. Smart idea to use the recycled padding for a mini design space! Stay well! Jan in WY

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh Jan, I am so old school! I use a value finder - a red acrylic bar that you look through that turns everything into grey tones so you can see only value. I also have a small monocular that I use to get that "stepping way back" perspective by viewing through the opposite end of it rather than the end that brings things up close. I sometimes use my regular camera too this way, to just look at the viewfinder. I might snap a shot if I'm concerned about moving pieces around and then not being able to go back to what I thought a good arrangement. I'm just not a cell phone user in the way that everyone else is.

Michele Matucheski said...

Looks like it will be a fun and summery quilt! I love all the greens. ;-)

The Inside Stori said...

Yes, it did make sense and I’m so with you…..I do like having a plan too…..but more than not, it’s only a jumping off point. I learned long ago to feel free to ditch my ‘plan’ when it wasn’t working and move into another direction if required, otherwise I’d never get anything done.