Monday, March 20, 2023

National Quilting Day

So did you remember that Saturday was National Quilting Day? Share with me how you spent it, whether it was working by yourself, with a group or out in public. I used to do the public demos with my quilt group but lately I just make sure I spend at least part of the day in the studio working on a quilt, generally for someone else. This year I used that time to finish the quilting on the border of Naomi's quilt. Now to tear off all that paper!

I did get brave and quilt her name into those four corners of the center area where the quilting design did not reach. Now it is ready to square up and bind. Gotta put away a LOT of art journeling stuff first - the table is still strewn with ephemera and supplies. By the way, are any of you still struggling with the time change? I have enough trouble getting up in the morning as it is without moving the clocks ahead.


Sherrie Spangler said...

That quilt is gorgeous! I did remember that Saturday was National Quilting Day, but I didn't have anything to work on. I need to start a new project. Since I still haven't joined the quilt guild here or any other groups I just haven't been too inspired. And Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings Time so that's not an issue here.

Anonymous said...

I hand sewed a binding down--my favorite part of quilting--on Saturday, so, yes I did participate in National Quilting Day! Your quilt is beautiful & it will be a treasure for Naomi all of her life! Jan in WY

Christine Staver said...

The quilt is looking good. I knew it was National quilting day, but I was busy marching in a St. Patrick’s parade in Harrisburg, Pa.