Tuesday, November 14, 2023

A Not Much Visible Progress Week

Honestly, not much of interest to share this week. After having made a bit of space on my work table after finishing the Abstract Color challenge pieces, I moved my gratitude challenge journal onto it along with all the bits and pieces of things I've collected to paste into it. It's been a bit exciting to realize how many things I've saved but had no real place to keep them that can be stored in this journal, and still have plenty of room for adding handwritten bits of gratitude and precious memories. But as always, I can't just slap them in any old way! So I was slowed down a bit once pocket things were inserted in pockets and I considered how I want to space out the other items among the signature pages. A work in progress . . .

Photo: @rajesh_kumar_photography.

And honestly again, who wants to see the darning of socks and repair of a seam in a favorite pair of pajamas? Yes, I do mend and darn and don't mind the process at all but I do tend to let it stack up until I have quite a bit to attend to. And I also sat a few times at the machine while I continue to requilt over the grid lines of the 4-patch strip quilt, but really, nothing to see there either. But I ran across this incredible butterfly on Facebook which at first glance looked to me like some art quilter's rendition done up in hand-dyed or painted fabric and thread painted with metallic threads. But no - this beautiful creature is mother nature's handiwork, and I am in awe. The Blue Admiral is a nymphalid butterfly, the only species of the genus Kaniska. It is found in south and southeast Asia. Have you stumbled upon something of rare beauty lately?


Anonymous said...

Despite perhaps not being blog-worthy, I'm sure you got some personal satisfaction by finishing up your mending chores! I'm with you on the butterfly! It looks like a beautiful thread painted piece of art. Against my better judgement/penchant for sleeping in, I saw a couple of beautiful sunrises this week when I was up earlier than usual! Jan in WY

The Idaho Beauty said...

You are right about the personal satisfaction thing, especially since I have more than one pile of things I intend to take care of yet let sit for way too long. It felt kind of silly to be so excited that I'd finally removed that pile, saying to myself, "YES! At last! You finally accomplished something practical!" One pile down, several more to go - lol

I am NEVER up earlier for sunrises, and have to depend on pictures from others who do see and record them. But if you are up early anyway, what a reward!