Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Good Day...

Unlike yesterday, today was free of distractions so I could get right down to business. As I quilted away on the base for my Changing Perspectives piece, I kept thinking, "Play to your strengths." Free motion anything is not one of my strengths, at least I don't feel it is, and it makes me uptight to do it. Today's quilting was feed dogs up, walking foot on, follow the lines in the plaid. What could be simpler? The Valdani thread perked up the drabness - subtle, but that's me. Adds just a bit of interest without taking over.

As I quilted, the concept of this design continued to come into focus. I played with placement, and of course, I settled on one not experimented with in my sketching. Here is a cropped picture of where I think I'm going with this now. The leaves are paper - one printed in color and the other not. I decided I need to see their placement to verify the placement of their backgrounds and the quilting that will go in that space. I'm still undecided about how that quilting will be done - on or off the base I quilted today. I also decided that I couldn't choose the thread for satin stitching the squares in place until I knew exactly what color the leaves would be. So no more quilting today but feeling much calmer and confident about finishing in time with a decent quilt.

I've been thinking of options for approaching this transfer of photos to fabric that has me in such a tizzy. Since today was humming along so well, I felt encouraged to go back to experimenting with the printing. Experimenting - yes, I felt up to it and seeing it as time well spent, not wasted as I so often do. I have several things I can try, including iron-on transfers and a different brand of pretreated fabric sheet. I'm getting more comfortable with my Corel Paint Shop Pro program so used it to lay out 4 leaf scans and print on the transfer media. I'll share my results later after I've printed on other options. I may end up with a ton of leaves, but having so many to play with will no doubt be a good thing.

Click on the picture for a larger view, although it really doesn't show a lot of detail. I mostly took this to reference my positioning since all this has to come off before it becomes a permanent part of the piece. I know it doesn't look like much now, but there will also be some lettering on it and who knows what else by the time I finish!

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