Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Update on last week...This week's goals on hold

I have been so fixated on this Warmth From Wisconsin quilt entry that I can't see past it to anything else. Here it is on Sunday as I start to tie it. Not a particularly inspiring quilt, yet not an unpleasant one either. As a utility quilt it is fine, maybe more than fine. I just didn't think it would take me as long as it did to complete the tying. The plan was to tie it Sunday, bind it Monday, so that I could show it off at Guild Monday night. Well, I shouldn't have been surprised to be a day off in my estimate - typical me. So I was lucky to finish the tying yesterday before taking off for the meeting. Guild members are SO flexible - they don't mind you showing off a quilt before it is totally done. Today the binding got on so I am through with this project. I need to let my head clear before I can decide what to do with the rest of the week, though. I may be struggling with "shoulds and oughts" vs "wannas and wills." I still have that sense of wanting to work piecemeal - whatever catches my fancy at the moment. At other times that felt like aimless drifting, but recently it has had a more purposeful "seize the moment" feel to it. Now I am wondering if my current mindset is one of avoidance. I should be looking at entry forms and making some decisions about what should go where, or if any of it should go at all. Please, can I put that off til next week? (Whine, whine, whine...)

Actually, I am quite pleased with how last week went, considering I only had two days in the studio. If you've been reading along, you know that I finished the self-portrait journal quilt. Perhaps I should re-think how well I do representational art. I showed this piece to three people prior to last night's meeting and they all thought it was a leg kicking something. Mmm. I almost didn't bring it out during show-&-tell, but decided, what the heck. Same puzzled looks and comments about it being a leg. Then one gal started circling her fist and asked, Is it a tractor crank? Close enough! Well, to be fair, this group is not overly into the more contemporary quilts, but I didn't think the imagery was that obscure.

The other thing on my list from last week was the hand quilting. This has been a struggle from the start, but with each week, it has gotten easier and more enjoyable. Last week, it suddenly took off and I worked 5 nights straight, catching up on what didn't get done from the previous week, and nearly completely the current week's goal. I'm wondering if my sudden enthusiasm for it can be linked to the fact that my daytime activities Sunday through Wednesday were filled with non-sewing/quilting activities. Is it possible that if I spend quality time during the day in the studio, I am too spent to continue working in the evening? I think that is highly possible.

I really enjoyed all that handwork I did last week - the quilting at night and the beading on the journal quilt towards the end of the week. Even the tying I did Sunday & Monday had that relaxing rhythm that I enjoy. And yet today I was chomping at the bit to sit at the machine. I really feel the need to do some machine sewing again, why I don't know. Perhaps that drive will determine how I spend the rest of the week.

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