Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goals for Week of Feb 27th - Carryover

My apologies to my readership - I have been majorly sidetracked and am behind on many things right now. I'd like to blame it exclusively on the Olympics, but they were only part of the problem. But even with them over, and the other events of last week out of the way, I'm waylaid by working on my Guild newsletter yesterday and today. I'll run out to print and mail it tomorrow, and maybe then I can concentrate on my current project again. I keep telling myself that this is ridiculous, this reticence to move on to the next technical challenge, but my self is not listening. It's hyperventilating instead over taxes yet to figure, quilts needing labels and sleeves in a few weeks, dental and doctor check-ups to schedule, an overnight trip to a quilt show to prepare for...why do I back myself into corners like this on a regular basis?

So once again, my sole goal for the week is to make significant progress on my Changing Perspectives entry, which will require reining in my irrational fears. I really don't have that much left to do (I sanely tell myself). I even picked up some additional supplies on Saturday (paint and brushes for the lettering I hope to do), so there really are no more excuses not to proceed.

Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, I'll leave you with a picture of my peace lily, which after 10 years of never blooming, suddenly put forth a single bloom on the first Easter after my husband's death. It has since provided me with a single bloom each Easter since. Think what you will, I consider it a sign which comforts me greatly.

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