Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Emerging Artist

Or rather, would-be artist emerges. I've been working with the phones off again - I do this when I'm emotionally overloaded and need to keep interaction with the outside world at a minimum so I can get those emotions under control. Or sometimes I turn them off to minimize interruptions and distractions that disrupt my focus on whatever it is that has to get done- not that I get many phone calls, but it doesn't take much to derail me. Last week, emotional overload collided with needing to focus, so not only did the phones shut off, but I didn't spend much time on the computer either. However, one cannot work (or live) in isolation forever, so today I emerged, turned the phones back on and reconnected with the world a bit.

Actually, I'm taking a mental health day.
Since my last post, I've done something every day towards completing my Changing Perspective piece and it has mostly been a struggle. I've solved the technical issues I challenged myself with, had days when I was frustrated to tears (that emotional overload kicking in) and others when I was enjoyably absorbed in the process at hand. Yet the individual successes within the components are not adding up to a successful overall design in my opinion. The quilt is lacking, no zing, and I don't know what to do to fix it. It is virtually done, with the exception of affixing some leaves once I decide their final placement, so at the end of yesterday, I decided to switch to paperwork and re-check the entry requirements and due dates. Turns out I have a little more breathing space than I thought before it has to be in the mail. So I printed out my label, made a sleeve and closed the studio door. I think I need to put some space between the quilt and me. Chances are it is not as bad as I think it is at the moment. Chances are I need to give my brain a rest and then maybe I can see what to do to make it a little more interesting. Thus the mental health day.

I had to laugh though, when I realized that I had dressed today in something that looked very much like the background fabric in the quilt - a brown plaid flannel shirt!

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