Monday, March 13, 2006

Goals for Week of March 13th

This may be a first - posting my goals for the week on Monday instead of Tuesday. But I am feeling so much more in control, so less tunnel visioned now that my Changing Perspective piece is done. Deadline for completing the on-line entry form is Wednesday, but I just completed it. Yeah - 2 days early!

This definitely feels like a catch-up week. So many "housekeeping" details I wouldn't let myself attend to until I'd finished the true work. I nearly filled a page this morning with this and that to do:

  1. Complete entry process for Changing Perspective Challenge including clean-up, resize and name jpgs, write artist statement, set sale price, complete on-line entry form, send Paypal entry fee payment and e-mail jpgs, and package & ship quilt. All but the packaging and shipping are done.
  2. Complete entry form for Green Bay quilt show.
  3. Make & sew label and sleeve for two quilts.
  4. Fill out documentation file for Changing Perspective quilt (including printing out some pictures).
  5. Update technical journal with samples & notes. When I did my year's worth of monthly journal quilts, I kept a written journal as well to document inspiration and experiments. Now I am running experiments separate from any monthly journal quilt, so got myself a new, slightly bigger journal in which to do that. I like having a reference I can go back to on these new things I'm trying with paints and stamping and working with non-traditional materials. Starting this journal should make it easier for me than trying to refer back to an actual quilt using them. There are things from this last quilt I want to enter there.
  6. Track down Jones Tones Glue. This was suggested to me for adhering foil to fabric and supposedly could be found "everywhere." Are we surprised that my local Michael's did not have it? I need to resolve this issue so I can proceed with my next idea before it flees me.
  7. Finish up enough "Cobblestone" blocks for a second quilt and sew together. This was the little baby quilt for charity pattern that turned out so well that I decided to keep it. But I ended up with extra blocks and stripsets - enough for another quilt.
  8. And if I'm really with it, I might have time to sew together some 4-patches from squares I set aside to go with the rest of the rescued blue fabric used in Cobblestones.
I also need to get the dog to the vet this week and think about scheduling the car for an oil change. And work on my taxes. All those things I shoved to the back of my brain while I panicked over that quilt! I suspect in a few days the very wet snow that fell today will be gone or at least plowed so getting out won't be such a big deal. I think we got around 8" after early morning thunderstorms and sleet. Ah, spring in the Northland...

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