Monday, March 20, 2006

Goals for Week of March 20th

I'm going to make it simple and straight-forward this week. Normal life is making demands on me so my studio time and my concentration will be fragmented. A good week to continue my tidying up and charity sewing:
  1. Sew borders on Cobblestones 2
  2. Sew 30 4-patches & assemble with pre-cut alternate squares/setting triangles/borders
  3. Finish entries in technical journal
  4. Box & ship quilts to Green Bay Show
  5. Track down more adhesives and continue foil to fabric experiment
I'm inexplicably tired today - a certain level of exhaustion that makes me want to sit and do nothing, but I don't trust that. The lethargy could very well be mental - my subconscious reaction to some things I need to take care of this week before leaving on my overnighter to a quilt show next week. As I've noted before, if there's something I'm dreading doing, even though I know I can't get out of it, I'll put it off as long as I can, and worse, not want to do anything else in the meantime. Stupid logic - or rather, illogic - a behavior I'm trying to be more aware of and to break.

It could also be the onset of my spring allergies. For several years running now, I've gone through a physical slump early in the year. I lose my pep, seem to need more sleep than usual, just feel off. Not enough symptoms to indicate the flu, a cold, anything normal. I start to worry which only makes it worse. By the time I see my doctor for my yearly exam, I'm suggesting blood tests to check for anemia, thyroid disfunction, anything else that strikes women after age 50. The results always come back negative - I'm in perfect health, should be doing hand-stands I'm so healthy. Eventually, I make the connection between my tiredness and the fact that those darn seasonal allergies have struck again. Even if the antihistimines I eventually have to take didn't make me sleepy, fighting the allergens certainly tires one out. I never realize just how much they tax my system until the pollens go away and my nose and eyes clear up. Like night and day the way I can then function.

Last year I promised myself I'd remember this. That I wouldn't panic when the tiredness set in after a winter of feeling great. So even though snow's still on the ground, I know that the first of the trees to bud are doing so. I've already had a day here and there of sneezing, a stuffed up ear, a drippy nose - again seemingly for no good reason - but I may as well admit it; it's probably those darn allergies ready to explode.

So tired or not, I rallied and spent a good 4 hours sewing on my two charity quilts. Cobblestones 2's borders are on and the 4-patches are all sewn and arranged on my design wall. A good start to the week.

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The Rainbows End said...

Well done you! It's hard to keep going sometimes. I find that I have definite spurts and slumps when it comes to this creative stuff. I swing between manically sewing all day and completely wanting to give up the next. I find chocolate a great consolation.