Monday, September 25, 2006

Hello Idaho!

Yes, I've traded the land of cheeseheads for the land of potato heads. Well, actually, the state motto for years was "Famous Potatoes" (and perhaps it's still on the license plates - my attentions have been elsewhere) and postcards like the one above abound.

Although I've been in my new place for over a week, the computer didn't get unpacked until last Thursday and internet access didn't get restored until Friday. I'm having a bit of a problem with outgoing mail which means I wasted tons of time on Friday trying to resolve it myself before giving up. It's that love/hate relationship we have with computers: when they do what they're supposed to, we love 'em; when they balk and we can't figure out why, we hate 'em.

I'd like to report that things have been going along without a hitch, just like they did on the drive out, but truth be told, the place wasn't 100% ready for me to move into. No cleaning service had been called in and lots of little problems followed by a lot of finger pointing between the two parties responsible. So instead of being all unpacked, I've spent the last week on the phone, conducting walk-throughs, complaining, and finally sucking it up and starting some of the cleaning myself so I could at least get the kitchen set up. Still some drawers to clean there but as of last night, almost all of the kitchen things were unpacked.

The weather the last few days has been up in the seventies which prompted me to take screens down to hose off and start washing windows inside and out. With all the lovely views, clean windows are a must! Unfortunately, this is an older place, with some double-paned windows whose seals have leaked to cloud the glass between the panes where they can't be cleaned. Still, they let in lots of light and the room selected for my studio is the best room in the house. I didn't think I'd be able to see the lake from inside the house, but I can. The big window in the studio overlooks a field, the lake and the mountains beyond. I can't believe how lucky I am - which makes the problems with the house easier to take.

Haven't downloaded pictures from my camera yet, but will try to get some of the trip out and shots around the place posted before too long. In the meantime, the big maple in front of the house is starting to turn. I snatched a few leaves off the lawn this morning and scanned them - as if I don't already have enough pressed and scanned leaves! However, I didn't have any authentic IDAHO leaves in my collection, so here they are. I'm thinking that my first project once the studio is minimally set up will have an autumn theme for sure.


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Deb Geyer said...

The leaves are beautiful...they look so velvety.