Saturday, September 02, 2006

A thought for the day

"Many people go throughout life committing partial suicide - destroying their talents, energies, creative qualities. Indeed, to learn how to be good to oneself is often more difficult than to learn how to be good to others."
Joshua Liebman

Yesterday I think I was trying to be good to myself. Spent a lot of time out shopping without thought to all the things I should be doing back home. I still got plenty done later in the day. I did find my self a bit impatient though. Normally, lines at the check stand or products not on the shelf don't get to me, but nearly everywhere I went it was the same thing and I caught myself mouthing a lot of indignation. Hey - I've got limited time here - I can't come back later.

Then today, I called to get my phone service stopped next week, only to hear the customer service rep say, ok, your order is processed. She hadn't asked what day I wanted it stopped and put it in for today. Argh! She admitted she usually doesn't work customer service, put me on hold, then came back on to say it had been fixed and changed to the later date. Thanks.

Instead, my lines were dead. Although I explained the mix-up, this new rep said, sorry, the order has been processed and it says for today. When I asked about getting the service back up, he spouted the company line of $59 dollars and 7 to 10 business days to resume service. Oh, NO, you don't - I fairly shouted. This was your error, not mine and I need my phones on now! I want to talk to a supervisor.

I could hear him madly typing away on his keyboard, then he put me on hold - for what seemed like forever. (Oh, you may be wondering how I called them back - thank you neighbor for use of your cell phone...). Then he was back. Apparently he'd checked out my story, perhaps even talked to a supervisor, and was now apologizing for their error and telling me the phones would be on later today. And now they are.

It felt like a continuation of yesterday's irritations - more people messing up on the job and making my life miserable.
This is what I get for trying to make arrangements ahead of time, I chided myself. But hey - it's ok now, I'm that much farther down my list of things to do, and it is a beautiful day out today. Time to lighten up!

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