Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In Transit

I made it across country - well over the 1400 miles the movers said it would take. Granted, my traveling companion and I took a few side trips and instead of ending up in Sandpoint, headed for her home 5 hours further down the road. So I have had a few days to decompress from the 4 day drive, and the dog has had a chance to stretch her legs and wade in my friend's creek. Happy campers both of us.

But tomorrow it's back to business. I heard from my mover this morning who was calling from Billings Montana. He'll actually be in Sandpoint tomorrow and so will I to pick up the keys and see if this new place of mine is as wonderful as I remember it. A few more days and the computer should be unpacked, internet service resumed and with any luck, pictures of the trip on the blog.

But for now, consider me arrived safely in the Pacific Northwest - and happy to be here!

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