Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My friends in Wisconsin tell me they had a brilliant, if brief fall color display - about 2 weeks worth before a rain came and knocked the leaves to the ground.

By comparison, my fall show was just beginning when I arrived in Idaho mid-September and is still thrilling me nearly 6 weeks later. I'm noticing a predominance of yellow out here which absolutely glows against the dark green of the evergreen trees. Wisconsin tends more towards browns and russets and burnt oranges.

Here are some views taken shortly after I arrived, and then 5 weeks later.

The maple has been dropping leaves furiously the last few days so my color, short of what's on the ground, may be ending soon. However, the big willow is just now starting to turn, and I'm not sure why it waited so long. It has a gazillion leaves like my maple, but fortunately is not in my yard. I raked some on Sunday and by Tuesday, you couldn't tell. I'm really getting the urge to grab a handful, find my paints, liberate some fabric from boxes and do some leaf printing.

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margaret said...

Yes, do that -- seize the paints, seize the moment!