Friday, October 20, 2006

Odds & Ends

Yesterday was such a dreary day. Cold, drizzly, overcast, dank, borderline depressive, if it were not for the golden glow of the maple leaves outside the window. This is looking out my bedroom at a lawn that is much more thickly covered with leaves than it was when the took the picture in the previous post.

Today was polar opposite. Sunny, warm again, and the leaves were even more brilliant than ever. I still do not want to rake - I like the way they look strewn across the ground, the porch, the deck. Of course, they're starting to fill my gutters too, a look I'm not too crazy about.

The weatherman mentioned last night that the colors we see once leaves start turning were there all along. What's missing is the chloroform that the rest of the year overwhelms the rest of the colors so that we see leaves as green. As if to prove his point, here were two leaves on my deck this morning, with a bit of that green hanging on while be surrounded by the red. I'm not sure I've seen this before, at least not this dramatically.

I've seen this little guy off and on since I moved in. I used to know what seeing wooly caterpillars meant in terms of weather, but I've been away for so long I've forgotten. I'm thinking, hard winter. Please, not on my account...a mild winter for my first year back would be just fine.

My old place had no good spot to hang an outdoor thermometer, but this place does - just across from my kitchen window. So while picking up other odds and ends for the house, I sought out one. I could have gotten one with Celsius too, which would have been good for me what with my international internet friends, but it was just plain white with black numbers. Really boring and I could not resist adding a little color to my otherwise drab view. Hey, it's the dyer in me that loved that wash of color.

The moving people must have wanted to add a little color to my life as well. These red lot stickers are something new they are doing since the last time I used this company. They went on the outside of every box as well as on every item not boxed up. Every piece of furniture, each broom, my art carts, and not always in immediately visible spots. I am very tired of pulling little red stickers off my stuff.

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margaret said...

You could use those little red stickers in a quilt ... as confetti??