Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Playing with Corel Paint Shop Pro X

In yesterday's post I mentioned a desire to manipulate the photo above in a software program.

I use Corel Paint Shop Pro X, a program that I actually haven't had much opportunity to explore fully. So I tried a number of different effects without much manipulation, and in some cases, I picked random settings. Here are some of the results.

This is topography:

This one is using random wave:

This one is polar coordinate:

This is just applying a soft focus - I think I'll use it as wallpaper for awhile.

And perhaps the biggest surprise was this, random pixelate:

Now this looked like something I could use!


Deb Geyer said...

I like the topography... I'm going to look for it in my graphics program!

margaret said...

Topography looks like the bark of plane trees, which have been planted all over this city because they repel pollutants by shedding their bark - and the final pic looks like something by Agnes Martin!