Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meeting a goal - mostly

I was determined to finish the angel quilt this week (with the possible exception of getting the sleeve and label on) but I am just happy to be done with the quilting at the end of today. I have company arriving on Monday to prepare for, and several other must-do items have cropped up, so if nothing else, my focus isn't what it should be. I must make up my mind about the edge finish; I once thought I didn't want binding, but now I'm thinking I do, at least on three sides. So the thought and consideration that last design step needs may not be in me until all that wonderful company leaves.

I'm still not sure how well this is working, and I'm a little lukewarm about how the quilting turned out. I am glad however, that I quilted the whole top before adding the angel and quilting it. It was much easier to continuously quilt across those sections, and the angel itself seemed easier to deal with on a pre-quilted base. I'd definitely use this process again.


margaret said...

The "quilting in layers" process seems a useful way to proceed - but it does need a bit of planning ahead, rather than putting all the fabrics in place first.

Exuberant Color said...

the quilting looks good to me. If you want it to even out in all areas, just steam press it lightly from the back. It does wonders for it. Glad to see you are nearing the end of the project.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Margaret - yes, that process does take some forethought. And it owuld not work with all situations. If the angel hadn't had an extra layer of fabric under it, I would have been concerned about the quilting underneath it shadowing through.

Wanda - Oh, definitely, this will get a good steaming, even before I add the binding. It's not so much that about the quilting. I just wasn't as happy as I sometimes am with how the thread colors worked and some of the actual designs I used. It's that visualization thing: what was in my head didn't exactly translate exactly into the piece.

And yes, I too am very glad to be nearing the end of this! It's been a long and not very happy process.