Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tip for the day

I have been silent, but I have been busy. I have been quilting away and got the angel quilt to the point of fusing the angel in place. Before applying the iron, I inserted a few pins so I could hang the thing on the design wall, check the placement of the angel, contemplate the next round of quilting. I let it simmer over night.

The next day, yesterday, I decided I wanted to move the angel up a bit, so took the whole thing down to lay it flat, removed pins, shimmied it up, checked that it was straight, and replaced the pins so it could be moved safely to the ironing board. I started fusing from the middle down, removing pins as I went. As I moved the iron to fuse the rest, I noticed a tiny piece of red fuzz on the wing and brushed it off. Mmm, still there. So I did a more deliberate picking up motion with my fingers. Didn't budge. What in the heck is it, that I can't get it off? It looks like a tiny drop of blood, but I'm not bleeding anywhere.

I then I remembered. I'd gone out that morning, applying lipstick that I don't bother with if I'm just here at home. I'd removed those pins and stuck them in my mouth until I could replace them again. I tiny bit of lipstick had clung to the pins and deposited itself in a perfect dot on the fabric. I haven't made this faux pax in 15 years! Luckily, a little spot remover solved my problem.

So the tip is, don't wear lipstick in the studio, and if you do, don't stick pins or needles in your mouth!

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