Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not too exciting

I started the quilting on my NY Beauty tie quilt today. Just stitching in the ditch along the arc and point seams. with the walking foot on. At least I didn't default to monofilament thread; on this part I'm using this darker Oliver Twist hand-dyed thread. I'll use a lighter one with more color variation on the open areas. That's for tomorrow.

The basting spray is holding just fine, to my relief. Everything seems to be lying flat and undistorted with no puckers. Let's hope that I don't run into problems when I add echo quilting following the curve of the arcs.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their druthers on binding color. It is unanimous for the orange! This makes me happy, because it is what I felt I should use, but the conservative side of me was afraid it might be too much. I often opt for a "safe" color choice in my quilts that I regret later. No regret this time hopefully.

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