Friday, August 15, 2008

Remembering to Enjoy

ARTiculations blog has a great post here about viewing Vincent an Gogh's The Starry Night and being reminded that we sometimes let the seriousness of making art overshadow the sensory pleasure that can be derived from it. A thought from the post:

"We never really talk or ask about the enjoyable side of it. Probably because it makes a serious work seem not-so-serious..."

I know that I often downgrade the value of things I've created if I felt it was more play than concentrated work. I hesitate to share that a piece has come together almost on its own. Hobbyists do things for fun. Artist work and suffer. Right?

What's your perception? How to you handle the fun side of making art?


Felicity Grace said...

Thanks Sheila, for your lovely words on my blog!

Well, that's an interesting question. I'll be mulling that. I know that I actually enjoy a bit of pain! The pleasure of finishing something difficult is so fulfilling but now I can also enjoy sketching something when everything flows - I don't feel, as I did when I was much younger, that I have to prove anything anymore. The question reminds me of when I first picked up a trashy novel after only ever allowing myself to read heavy educational books and I realised that books could be fun and enjoyable too. Creating art can be enjoyable too. I don't believe we *need* to suffer.

Do you get the MotoGP over there? I'm still a big Rossi fan but I really admire Stoner too. Surprised he made that mistake under pressure.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, yes, I still follow MotoGP & World Superbike too. Can't hear Loris Caperossi's name without thinking of you and your sketch of him! Just watched the race and yes, amazing that Stoner slid off. Boo hoo - I love the Aussies...wish the Americans were doing better though. Tough road for all of them this year.

Felicity Grace said...

LOL! Loris did well last weekend didn't he?! My two brothers are probably more into the Superbikes too but I don't often get to see them. I quite like the personalities in Moto GP, how they get on or don't! Coinincidentally, DH said while watching that I should I should finish the sketch, but I like it as it is.

Btw, I forgot to say I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt finished - New York Beauty is perhaps my favourite pattern. Love the materials and colours you're using!

Unknown said...

TIB- thanks for visiting my blog and your nice compliments on my smaller works. I'm trying to gear myself up for a few larger projects I back-burnered a year ago. Keep y'all posted as I go.