Sunday, April 26, 2009


Now here's change I can believe in! You know how coins collect in your wallet until the weight of it tells you there must be enough to actually buy something? I was going out for coffee and wondered if I had enough change to pay for a cup. There were 7 quarters in there, (along with ten dimes, a few nickels and some pennies). The U.S. mint has been issuing state quarters since 1999, 5 new state designs each year until all 50 states had their own quarter. So I wondered, how many different states might be represented in my wallet?

To my surprise, there was only one duplicate - I had two Georgia quarters. Nevada was the closest state represented. The others were from the east: Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.

And then there was one of the old design with the eagle on the back, a Washington quarter. It was from 1965, and I decided to keep it. Not much silver in it - it is of the later "sandwiched" type, so really not worth much. Still, it's been circulating for over 40 years and perhaps deserves a rest.

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