Friday, April 24, 2009

One down...

...three to go. Actually, I'm a little behind in the schedule I worked up to have all four done by May 15 when I have to send them on to the next person. I'm allowing a week for each, but spent half of the first week doing the prep work on all four. So maybe I'm not behind after all. Then again, I chose to work on this one first (a modified Anita Shackelford design) because it had the simplest outline. Two of the three remaining have more points to deal with and so probably will take longer.

Regardless, I am enjoying working on these. I'm also remembering that it is easier for me to estimate time needed to complete something like this than it is some of the art quilt designs I come up with. This is very straight forward familiar art quilting is still sometimes a mystery.

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sandra wyman said...

Love the way the fabrics interact on this one