Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Yard Work

Yard work trumped applique today. I felt I could no longer ignore the remaining leaves that didn't get bagged last fall. Here are 8 bags of them...and I'm not done yet.

On the plus side - finally! The daffodils are opening. I brought three into the house to enjoy.

And to my surprise, this pansy from last year wintered over and is blooming in the little bed in the back. Pansies are not supposed to do that in Northern Idaho, and this bed was stacked high with snow all winter. But it also gets quite a bit of sun early in the day, so perhaps it is more sheltered than I realize. For what ever reason this plant survived, I am thankful and excited!


Exuberant Color said...

I think maybe pansies are like snapdragons and self seed. I know they like cooler weather better too. It is so nice to see touches of spring on all of the blogs.

Chris said...

I also had to forsake my sewing for yard work this weekend. A nice yard will be good for your head this summer.

RHONDA said...

Pansies are winter flowers here in western New South Wales, flowering in July. We get lots of overnight frosts through July and August (although no snow!), so pansies are probably a little hardier than you expect them to be.

The daffodils look gorgeous!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Wanda, of course, if I let them go to seed, I wouldn't be too surprised but I'm pretty ruthless about deadheading. And these are too far along compared to everything else to believe they've come up from seed.

More likely as Rhonda says, they're just hardier than I thought. I was rooting around beneath the leaves again today and found several more. It's little rewards like this that make me glad I make the effort. I'm just not a very good gardener overall. Chris is right, getting it into shape now will allow me to sit and relax and enjoy this summer when all I want to do is sit and relax (and maybe do a little handwork...).

Cris said...

That's one tough plant. Maybe you'll get lucky.