Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Afternoon at the other beach...

When was the last time you laid on your back in the grass and watched clouds drift by? I really can't remember, thought I, as I did just that yesterday afternoon. It was my birthday, and unlike last year, the weather cooperated so that I could spend the afternoon at city beach doing a whole lot of nothing. I packed a lunch, my sketchbook, a novel and a blanket, stopped at Dub's on the way for a huckleberry milkshake, and settled in along the lake shore.

The park/beach juts out into the lake in a big semi-circle. There are several roped-off areas for swimming but I passed on that since the breeze off the lake was pretty cool. It was just nice to sit in the sun and take in the rippling water in all its various shades. Not only is it all shades of blue, it also picks up some browns & golds, and the sign makes an interesting reflection. Click on this or any picture for a larger view.

Between the two swimming areas is a portion of beach reserved for watercraft to temporarily beach. Many pricey homes have been built on the mountain in the background and you can also see where the railroad crosses the lake on the right.

Oh,'s up! The speeding motorboats occasionally kick up wakes that send the gentle lapping water into more of a tizzy.

There are sailboats on the lake too, although yesterday there were only a couple. This picture was taken on a Thursday when they go out in mass for a bit of practice and training. The heavy haze is smoke - yes, we are still getting it from those British Columbia forest fires.

There used to be about 50 geese patrolling the grounds and leaving their droppings everywhere. Last winter they were lured into an enclosure so they could be transported to a farm far out of town. Much nicer now not having to pick your way through the dung. The gulls still make the rounds and leave less of a mess. This one was quite the contortionist as it preened itself.

Between the grassy park and the sandy beach, there's a paved sidewalk for leisurely strolls or biking. The occasional bench along the walk allows for comfortable lake gazing. I'm contemplating adding such a bench to my next art quilt so brought the sketchbook along to capture a possible angle.

When I'd had my fill of gazing into space, sketching, soaking up the sun and reading, I strolled the length of that sidewalk, then made the return trip wading along the water's edge. The beach eventually gives way to some docks and a boat launch. For the texture nuts, this driftwood log catches the eye, especially late in the day as the long rays of a setting sun ramps up the contrast.

Behind the log is an arrangement of tree stumps, roots intact. Couldn't resist a picture of this one.

And that's an afternoon at the Sandpoint City Beach.


Felicity said...

Happy Birthday Sheila! It certainly looks like you enjoyed it! What a super day, I just love days like this - you feel stress just melts away and equilibrium is restored! I love the soft blues and greys in these photos.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Felicity! Remember that palette I told you I'm drawn to but seldom use? After writing that, I went down to the park, looked out at the lake at dusk and realized I was seeing that palette - those soft blues & greys! Most of those paintings also have a daub of sienna and I'm seeing that reflected in the water too. Gotta try it!

BC said...

"Beach"? Hah!

San Diego

RHONDA said...

Happy Birthday! It's a good month to have one. It looks as though you had an indulgent day, which is definitely my favourite way to celebrate, too. I love the driftwood and tree roots - great textures!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Rhonda. And BC - I gotta take what I can get! My beach my be minimalist by your standards but I bet it's a lot less crowded...