Saturday, August 01, 2009

ArtWalk II Opening Reception

Here I am at ArtWalk opening reception last night. Tango Cafe put out really yummy hors d'oeuvres and killer lemonade which really hit the spot on such a warm evening (although inside the building it was quite comfortable). I received lots of compliments on my work, with remarks both overheard and direct including references to the colors, detail and the patience I must have to create such work. I loved watching the men in particular, most of whom whipped off their glasses (if wearing some) and leaned in for a closer look, then back out again with words of admiration. I expect women to be savvy about textiles and continue to be surprised that so many of the men who attend these exhibits are just as savvy and curious.

Some of my church friends showed up, and one asked which quilt was my favorite. Oh, my - that's a bit like asking which child is your favorite. I like them all for different reasons, and I suppose some more than others, but a favorite? I settled on Azalea Garden 3: In the Garden (on the right in the top picture, detail above) and then went to analyzing why. I decided it was because of the spontaneous way it evolved, the first use of leftovers that was merely going to be a sample. Instead, it turned into a delightful little piece that deserved its own place in my inventory. The machine embroidery vines worked just as I'd hoped, climbing up and over the tiles as one viewer noted. I love the green that serves as matting and I particularly like its long narrow landscape orientation. Yes, it just pleases me so much when I gaze upon it. As the evening wore on, I realized that it was getting the most comments - if I were taking votes on viewers' choice, I think it would have won hands down, totally unanticipated.

We weren't inundated with people - partly because the building is so huge with 7 artists represented on 3 levels so attendees quickly dispersed, some preferring to start at the top and others at the bottom. Anyway, it allowed some time for me to chat with the other art quilter at this venue, Marty Bowne. Her current work showcases hand stitching on her hand-dyed fabrics, which she then mounts and frames. She was in awe of my machine quilting, saying I had certainly mastered it. Have I? I certainly wouldn't call it mastery, but I do a good enough job now not to be embarrassed by it! In my book, Diane Gaudynski is still the gold standard for free motion machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine. Everything I know about machine quilting I've learned from Diane, and I don't begin to quilt like she can. Still, it's always nice to get a compliment like that from another quilter.

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June said...

Nice photo. Good to see you with your work.