Friday, August 07, 2009

A Rose

Finally, FINALLY, I have a lovely bloom on my Tropicana rosebush. This is one of several bushes given to friends 30 years ago when I heard the buyer of our house was going to rip all my rosebushes out. I chose to dig them out myself and distribute them to new homes. These particular friends lovingly tended it all these years with the intention of returning it to me once I settled in (bad reputation of moving every few years). They dug it up and gave it back to me last year. It survived the transplant and the winter, and is carrying on with this striking color. It really pops from a distance and lives up to its name.

Said friends are coming for a visit this weekend, so blogging with be suspended for a few days while I play. I'm very pleased the rosebush chose to put forth in honor of their arrival.

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