Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Freewill Astrology

I continue my amusement at horoscopes that come dangerously close to the truth, as if they truly are looking into my life and not just Virgos in general. Here is one from a few weeks ago, courtesy of Freewill Astrology by Rob Brezny, that is just too funny and a shoe that nearly fits!

"Hey Rob: I was having trouble finishing my novel - typical writer's block. So I sidetracked myself into making silly creative projects - papier-mache chickens, masks made out of junk mail, collages incorporating bottle caps and dryer lint. I can't say any of it is 'art' but I feel creative again and my house is full of colorful stuff I whipped up myself. If you wait to be perfect, I concluded, you'll never make anything. I tried something I knew I'd be bad at, so failure didn't matter. Now I'm branching out with my inadequacy - not waiting for Mr. Perfect but having a beer with Joe Flawed, forgetting to be right all the time, admitting that I haven't a clue. I've become smilingly, brilliantly dumb. - Inappropriate Virgo." Dear Inappropriate: Congrats! You're doing exactly what I want to advise all Virgos everywhere to try.

What do you think? Ready to join me for a beer??? ;-)


June said...

I'll be right over.

Connie Rose said...

Sheila, I'm a Virgo rising and I SO relate to this. Thanks for sharing...yeah, let's go get that beer!

Chris said...

I LOVE Free Will Astrology! It is one of my workday diversions. (how did people goof off before the internet?)

Felicity said...

Oh, so that's why my brain is always fuzzy - I must have had a few too many already! ;) Yes, I wonder too, what did we do before the internet?!