Monday, November 23, 2009

In between

After the unexpected push of the last few months, the studio was a shambles, so I've been puttering around in there, putting things away, updating my documentation files, and clearing space to work on the next project. I don't foresee doing any serious art for the remainder of the year. Holiday preparations alone would make that difficult. But I do have plenty of unfinished business as well as a few must-get-done-before-Christmas fun ideas. First up - a somewhat Christmasy wall quilt for my mother-in-law. She had taken up quilting again, then just as quickly realized she wasn't enjoying it, so sent a lot of stuff my way. In the several boxes arriving on my doorstep was the fabric, batting and pattern for a quilt she had planned for her dining area, one that could be hung for the holidays in place of a bright one she'd made. She didn't ask if I'd make it, but she didn't have to. It seemed a great opportunity to give back to a lady who has given me so much. I just didn't think it would be the end of November before I started on it. But start I have. I cut out the pieces for it yesterday and today , and got quite a bit of it pieced this afternoon.

Above are some of the fabrics she picked for the quilt. Not really Christmas fabrics, but ones she really liked in traditional red and green. They are mostly Thimbleberries fabrics, a line I once liked a lot, but now not really my style. But this quilt isn't about what I like, and because the pattern is so basic, it should go together quickly. With the fabric already decided, that's half the battle!

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