Saturday, April 02, 2011

Progress towards ArtWalk

I purposely skipped applying for ArtWalk last year, which turned out to be for the best with the way things went the first half of the year. But I figured I'd be up for it this year, and already have some pieces done in anticipation of the early entry form deadline of April 15th (ArtWalk doesn't start until the end of June). Done, but not done. I seem to stall out on my efforts at the edge finish, be it adding a binding, stretching over stretcher bars or mounting in a frame. I don't know what it is about that last step, but I often put it off. Such was the case with several of the Strawberry Moon variations I worked on back in January. With the deadline rather close, and one more piece to finish for the application, it's definitely time to get out of company preparation and vacation mode! Where better to start than getting Strawberry Moon 2 & 4 mounted over stretched canvas (using the sewn corner technique as in this post) and placed into floater frames?

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