Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sneak Preview: POAC "All in the Family" Exhibit

I spent a good part of the day helping to hang Pend Oreille Arts Council's new exhibit, "All in the Family." POAC members were invited to submit artwork from family members to hang alongside their own. The response has been enthusiastic as many artists, including me, expressed long-held desires to do just that, but failed to find a venue in which to do it. The submissions were as varied and interesting as families are themselves!

Here's the check-in table. The group on the left are considering what to hang on the second level.

That's Karry Lensing, one of the show coordinators, on the left, helping clean the acrylic cover to one of the many display pedestals needed for this show.
Of the exhibit, she says “The goal of this exhibit is to celebrate the influence of ‘family’. Families are distinct, as are the art and artists POAC represents. This show is a really fun way to honor the love and creativity that are enhanced by the family dynamic.”

Here is my offering - my "Guys Ties...My Hand Dyes" quilt hanging over my brother's Arts & Crafts style plant stand. Not a good shot to show off the details in that stand, but it is comprised of over 45 separate pieces of mahogany and purpleheart. My quilt has fabric from my late husband's and father-in-law's ties.

Here is the family grouping of our Executive Director, Kim Queen. She does mosaics, as in the table and birdhouse.

This is acrylic artist Kathy Robinson's family grouping.

This family grouping includes one from a very young member as well as adults. There's even an "artist's bag" made from batiks and other luscious fabric, one pocket holding some very interesting hand-made brushes.

More info from the press release:

The exhibit features outstanding new works from more than 35 of POAC’s member artists, displayed with work from members of the artist’s families. The artists and the media represented in this exhibit are extremely diverse. Some of the more unique items on display – a beautiful hand-crafted violin made by Stefan Grimes, son of POAC artist Lorna Lent-Sommers. The violin will be played by Karen Pogorzelski during the reception. Artist-member Barbee Buchanan will exhibit one of her designs, alongside a hand-made surfboard created by her grandson. Watercolorist Karen McDonald will display a painting she produced of her father, paired with a 1928 painting produced by her father.

"All in the Family"

April 29, 2010 - June 17, 2010

Opening Reception

Friday, September 24, 2010
5:30 - 7:00 pm

The POAC Gallery, in the Old Power House
120 Lake Street, Sandpoint, Idaho

Free and open to the public
All in the Family Newspaper Ad
For the first time, POAC is honoring not only the artist, but also the artistic family. Pieces displayed span generations as well as media. This show will capture your imagination and your heart!


June said...

What a great idea. And I really liked the stand your brother did -- it looks good under your art. I think I'll suggest this for Full Circle (if it doesn't go under before hand) as a possibility for an exhibit. Of course, we could go three generations as well as the two grand-p's (Jer's photos, my whatevers). Grandson Sam did some fun stuff when he was much younger and Jan is a marvel all round.

Such fun, just thinking about it.

Cathie said...

What a lovely idea - All in the Family. Your quilt is beautiful as is your brother's table that I wish I could see more of. Let's see - if we participated in that exhibit there would be one of my art quilts, one of my husband's hand made radio controlled boats, one of my son's original colored pencil drawings and a mixed media piece by my daughter. That would be so fun! Maybe we'll make our own exhibit on a wall right here at home. Thanks for the idea.

margaret said...

Your quilt and the plant stand look perfect together!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, if you have the opportunity, you really should seek out the artists in your family and put on a little display. I wish I had something of my dad's. My brothers who are all quite a bit older than me, remember that he loved to draw, and particularly recollect a drawing of a horse. By the time I came along, he wasn't drawing at all and to my knowledge, none of his drawings survived. Well, at least I know whatever talent I have has a genetic link!